A Nation Caught By Surprise


The 2016 election will forever be remembered as one of the most significant in American history. What made this election special was the heated debates and internet comment wars that this election year spawned.

Donald J. Trump threw in his hat on June 16, 2015, declaring his presidential candidacy and proclaimed, “Sadly, the American dream is dead. But if I get elected president I will bring it back bigger and better and stronger than ever before, and we will make America great again.”

Trump’s bid for president seemed to be of no concern to many competitors, analysts or voters for that matter, but in July of 2016 Trump took home the Republican nomination for president after garnering support across the nation with his straightforward and unfiltered approach. This pitted him directly against Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, and shifted the topic of many debates to the morals and past decisions of the two candidates.

Since then Trump has suffered numerous moral blows ranging from lewd soundbites to tax and charity discrepancies, as well as multiple accusations of sexual assault from women. In this battle of morals it seemed Trump was doomed to lose, although Clinton’s campaign was not without its own scandals and rumours. Trump still appeared to be riddled with the most character problems. It appeared that this would be the deciding factor and that Clinton would succeed President Obama in January. However on election day Donald Trump was able to glean the votes necessary to become the 45th president, and the oldest president to be elected to his first term at 70 years old.

Trump’s new policies will be a stark difference from the legislature Obama passed during his tenure. Trump plans to end Obamacare as well as institute stricter immigration laws for both the United States borders and overseas. Economically, the country will receive tax breaks for both businesses and individual rates.

One of Trump’s boldest claims is that during his presidency he will order the construction of a wall bordering Mexico and the United States. Whether he plans to follow through on this promise once in office is uncertain, although he has maintained that he will build this wall.

It was plans like this that distinguished Trump from the other candidates. Trump’s personality and anti-establishment attitude both drove voters away and drew others in. Trump was able to pull off a remarkable victory this Election Day and will certainly leave his mark on American history. His unique campaign and ability to overcome scandals and pitfalls in the public eye make his win even more  impressive. Americans can only speculate, but Donald Trump’s presidency may prove even more intriguing.