Party Unattended by the Main Show


BANGOR — As of 12am on election night, 56 people stayed gathered together at Dysart’s on Broadway to celebrate the campaign party of Representative Republican Bruce Poliquin, and his race against Democrat Emily Cain to see who will be the next Representative of Maine’s Second Congressional District. But two and a half hours into the event, where’s Bruce Poliquin?   

Although sightings of Poliquin circulated around the restaurant, it seemed to be few and far between. Cheers were heard at the beginning of the event, but when his followers were asked about this, no one really knew where he was, and no one seemed to be bothered by it.

Supporters acknowledge that Poliquin has had a busy day of campaigning, but his loyal followers accept this fact, and say that his past makes up for this lateness. Poliquin has been a trustworthy candidate in the past two years that he was seated as a representative, according to loan officer from Biddeford, Dana Ward. “He’s made promises, and stuck with them.” The integrity that Poliquin shows all of his followers that attended his campaign event has made these followers more lenient towards the candidate.

However, some supporters, like 38 year old construction worker Chad Campbell said, “I don’t really care if I saw him or not.”

“It hadn’t bothered me because we’re all keyed in with the election,” Roger Reed, A 77 year old man from Carmel said. “He’s probably trying to figure out all the numbers so he has a handle on what’s going on”

Poliquin finally came out at 12:10 a.m. to a thunderous applause from his supporters. He was lead in by many people he seemed to know well. His son, Sam Poliquin joined his father up at the podium for a quick hug and picture before Poliquin gave a quick speech. He had touched upon his loyalty to Maine; how he works for the Maine people and will only serve the Maine people.

After all was said about his continuation as congressman, he added on saying he wanted those who work for him to call him, “Bruce, not congressman.” Once this statement happened, the crowd began chanting, “BRUCE! BRUCE! BRUCE!” in a unison while he walked around to shake the hands and hug supporters and friends that came to join them.